A pushback against public relations?

There might be something happening here but what it is ain't exactly clear.


  1. Earlier this year, I wrote an open letter to government communications staff, stating that the job they are doing is "helping kill Canada's democracy."
  2. Reporters across the country shared that letter, venting their own frustrations about dealing with spin doctors:
  3. The reaction to the letter wasn't just confined to Twitter. I was interviewed about it on CBC Vancouver and Halifax's News 95.7. CBC Kelowna also produced three segments about the problem with government public relations in Canada. One of them featured Andrew Wilkinson, the provincial cabinet minister responsible for the British Columbia's communications staff:
  4. But I wasn't the only journalist who went public about that problem. InfoTel News's Charlotte Helston did too:
  5. Soon journalists were fist bumping Helston on social media: