#SMEMCHAT 9/28/12

Here is my Storified version of #SMEMCHAT 9/28/12. Let me know if you have any edits you would like me to make! God Bless, Nathan Just FYI: I will not be able to do this forever so if you really like this service I recommend you volunteer to take over the effort!

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  1. Before we begin...check out these awesome cupcakes!  If you don't know why I have a picture of cupcakes up in the front of this #smemchat summary, then you simply have not read to the end!  Keep reading, learn something new, and when you are done GO AND ENJOY A CUPCAKE OR TWO!
  2. The archives:
  3. This is a real nifty visualization that shares who was involved and to what extent:
  4. Resources Mentioned During Today's SMEMCHAT.  I have decided to highlight these up front (in no particular order).  This way if you don't have time to view the whole storify you can at least view these great resources.