#SMEMCHAT 10/5/12

The #SMEMCHAT storify for 10/5/12. Many Thanks to @AnaheimCERT for completing the vast majority of this storify.

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  2. #SMEMCHAT Organized:

    Before we get started take a look at the work that @AnaheimCERT has done to help organize the various #SMEMChat conversations:
  3. SM4EM.org does a great job of tracking all of the archived chats since the start of the #SMEMChat hashtag.  @AnaheimCERT took the liberty of trying to categorize the chats to assist in focusing chats more specifically.  However, it was not quite in time for the early birds who had already been discussing PIOs and Social Media usage. 
  4. And now on to the conversation:

    The discussion started evolving quite early this morning, in fact well before the conversation took off a coffee spill had already taken place making any bets null and void.
  5. Topics were thrown out early on, but as time passed we were still in need of a moderator.