Is your pooch healthy?

People comment on their dogs' health when they first got them in response to Nifkin's question. The people got their dogs from shelters or breeders, nobody with a dog from a store responded.

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  1. Marisa adopted her dog from a shelter, but it had some health issues when she first got it.
  2. Marisa's dog was on a kill list, which may explain why it had some health problems when she first got it. The health problems it had may have been the reason it was on the kill list to begin with.
  3. Caitlin got her dog from a breeder, and here is it's early health problem:
  4. Ben, who got his black lab from a breeder, had this to say about his dog's health.
  5. I got my black lab from a breeder, too. No early health problems, but his age is getting to him.
  6. This person got their dog from a previous owner, and was very satisfied with its health.
  7. Chris got their from a shelter, and also found their dog to be very healthy.
  8. So from the responses that we got, it seems that dogs from breeders and shelters can have their own health problems. From other personal stories we have heard, it is also common that dogs from stores have health issues when they're first brought home. However, from these tweets, it seems that health problems early on in puppies may be common from other sources as well, such as shelters and breeders. The expected pattern we anticipated from this twitter chat was that people with pets from stores would tweet about the health problems they had, and that people with pets from other places would tweet about how healthy they were. However, we saw the opposite. This just shows that maybe pet stores do not deserve the bad reputation that they have. One important thing to point out, however, is that nobody commented about the health conditions of any animals from a store. Had there been any comments like this, they may have followed the expected pattern, but may not have as well.