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#P4SPchat: Social Media Analytics

Twitter Chat, October 11, 12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern Time


  1. In our next #P4SPchat, we are discussing the importance of uncovering trends through social media analytics. Marketing departments across companies tend to worry a lot about trends. However, innovations in technology are providing marketers with powerful new capabilities. The advent of social media and sophisticated analytics software enable marketers to identify trends that develop online. Here's an example of a study that reveals a fashion and transportation trend, Cycle Chic. This study is the first example of IBM’s new “Birth of a Trend” project, an effort dedicated to understanding the science behind online trends.
  2. Guest Expert: Global Subject Matter Expert, Consumer Products, Dr.Trevor Davis is joining the chat as guest expert.
  3. Here are some of the topics we are looking to discuss during the chat
  4. Q1: #BizAnalytics is the new buzz word for nearly every industry, but what does it really mean? 
  5. Q2: #BigData is everywhere- physical, digital or floating in a cloud. Which innovative channels would you be exploring moving forward?
  6. Q3: What #BigData #trends could be uncovered through #SocialMedia analysis?
  7. Q4: How can #SocialMedia analysis and Trend identifying capabilities help businesses better reach their customers?

  8. Feel free to check out a recent blog post by Dr. Trevor Davis on Birth of a Trend project
  9. What is #P4SPchat?

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    When does it happen?

    The #P4SPchat happens on Thursdays from 12 Noon - 1PM Eastern Time.

    How do I participate?

    You will need a Twitter ID to be part of this chat. To participate in the chat, follow @SmarterPlanet or the hash tag #P4SPChat on Twitter. You can also use applications like tweetchat for your convenience. Use your twitter credentials for logging into tweetchat. When using tweet chat, it automatically includes the chat hashtag in all your tweets. 

    Who can participate?

    Have ideas to solve problems that can benefit all of humanity? Join in. Everyone is invited to participate. In our chats we have experts from respective industries sharing their views on current trends and news.