#P4SPchat: Public Safety

Twitter Chat, May 17, 12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern Time


  1. In our next #P4SPchat, we are talking about how smarter analytics can make our cities safer. By 2050, nearly three quarters of our planet will live in cities. For cities and regions competing in the global marketplace for work, investment and talent, safety and security are crucial factors in determining overall quality of life.  Which is why smarter public safety systems will be a key factor. Smarter Cities should be able to analyze, anticipate and prevent crimes and emergencies, rather than react to them after they occur. Join in and let us know, how big data and analytics can make your city safer. 
  2. Here are some of the topics we are looking to discuss during the chat
  3. Q1: What are the largest obstacles law enforcement agencies face today?
  4. Q2: #BigData is a huge challenge for law enforcement agencies but, is it an opportunity for cities to be safer than ever before? 
  5. Q3: Can law enforcement agencies learn from big business? Vice versa?
  6. Q4: How can Technology make the job of law enforcement professionals easier?
  7. Q5: What new skills are needed for the next generation of law enforcement professionals to succeed?
  8. Guest Expert: IBM director of public safety, Mark Cleverley and Head of i2 (acquired by IBM in Oct. 2011) at IBM, Robert Griffin are joining the chat. They will share their experiences from numerous engagements with law enforcement and government agencies that are, working hard to make our cities safer.
  9. In this video, check out how predictive analytics can be used to reduce crime
  10. Predictive Analytics - Police Use Analytics to Reduce Crime
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    When does it happen?

    The #P4SPchat happens on Thursdays from 12 Noon - 1PM Eastern Time.

    How do I participate?

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    Who can participate?

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