#P4SPchat: Catching the Mobile Wave; Thinking Beyond the Device

Twitter Chat, Sep 12, 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM Eastern Time

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  1. Mobility can completely transform industries. Whether improving customer acquisition strategies, streamlining business processes or boosting product and service innovations, the most successful businesses today are putting mobile first. Over the next three years, advances in mobile will not be dependent upon the device – whether a tablet, smartphone, wearable device or connected car - but instead on what can be done with it. The next #P4SPchat will open discussions around being a mobile enterprise and the inextricable link between mobility and technologies like social, cloud, analytics and security
  2. Guest Expert: Director of Enterprise Mobile Marketing at IBM, Ed Brill will join the chat as guest expert. 
  3. Topics for discussion
  4. Q1: What's your definition of a mobile enterprise? 
  5. Q2: What's the biggest challenge to getting started with a mobile strategy? 
  6. Q3: What industries are doing a good job taking advantage of second screen opportunities?
  7. Q4: How does app development need to change in the second wave of mobile?
  8. Q5: Give examples of how mobile + social or mobile + cloud are working together. 
  9. See how IBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise Mobility
  10. IBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise Mobility
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