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  1. Personally, I have participated in two kinds of MOOCs. One was through our IT&DML coursework. We studied Online Research and Media Skills, ORMS. This is acctually the basis for my Library Media curriculum.
  2. ORMS MOOC - Module 3 - Storify Post When I saw "Storify" in the directions last weekend, I groaned. ...
  3. The ORMS MOOC, an integral part of our class, was easy to complete. We viewed videos, rea articles, posted, and responded to others' posts. When we finished a unit project, we recieved a badge. Because it was teacher- led and similar to a regular school course, I would call it an xMOOC.
  4. After hearing a member of the first IT&DML cohort present her Ignite Talk at an Unconference last year, I decided to sign up for a cMOOC on Technology Coaching through MOOC-ed.
  5. I organized a group of participants at my school, we signed up, and I enthusiastically started Week 1. None of my colleagues continued. I fizzled out. I never felt connected. I am spoiled having a community of learners in the IT&DML program. (The link above goes to the registration page for this MOOC.)
  6. Finishing a MOOC, especially when no grades are involved, requires internal motivation or an unquenchable desire to learn the course material. MOOC-style doesn't work for everybody. In order to use a MOOC in a classroom, there must be specific goals, strong personal connection, credit/grades, and GREAT BADGES!