The Future of Technology in Education

A vision for distance learning...


  1. Ahhhh.... rainbows an unicorns. Perfect children absorbed in their personalized lessons presented efficiently and effectively on their devices.
  2. Great ideas start with a vision. The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, iNACOL, is dreaming big.
  3. I had an unsolicited conversation with a new (to us) veteran teacher at my school this week. He has been using a canned program, PLATO, with his Chem kids. He mentioned that, after three days, his students began to shut down and become less focused.
  4. On the other hand, I have been working with the Health students on steroid presentations. (I found one of their projects on YouTube!) They were not allowed to use Power Point, and we gave them Prezi, Powtoons, and Haiku Deck. Because they had to think about their presentations and condense the informtation, the teacher says they seem to be learning a lot. Even on day 3, those who were not quite finished were engaged in the project.
  5. I was fascinated by the 2013 NMC Horizon Project projections. We seem to be on track with the predictions. Cloud computing and mobil learning are in most schools. Data driven decision making (Say da-da-da-dum like Beethoven) forms the basis for the learning analytics, and learning platforms encourage open content.
  6. It looks like 3D printing for everyone is just around the corner. Like the EasyBib bibliography generator, 3D printing is "magic." You blindly follow the steps and "it" happens. I prefer sewing. I cut a bunch of pieces from a pattern, follow the instructions step by step, and I have a usable object. I can see how I got from point A to point B to finished product.
  7. Teachers expect technology to work like magic with the kids. Kids expect technology to magically make everything easier. I don't think we allow kids to do enough of the hard work getting from "scratch" to a finished product for kids to appreciate just how complicated and beautiful life is.