Teach Like a Pirate

Thinking about presentation in the classroom


  1. What do you mean "teach like a pirate? A teacher named David Burgess wrote a book and it went rogue... or is that viral? You find out more about Dave and his book here:
  2. I walked the plank and listened to the webinar and the #SSCHAT hangout. There were some great stories and ideas in there. I finished knitting a pair of socks and started a hooded neck wrap while I listened and took notes. Can you tell that recorded hangouts are not my favorite...?
  3. Is there a lesson your students would pay admission to see? Dave talks about a life-changing experience he sets up for his students based on the moon landing.
  4. I heard a story on NPR about a music group, Public Service Broadcasting, that just put out an album using electronic music and recorded words from the space program. It sounds like a wonderful mash-up! I bet it would go really well with Dave's lesson!
  6. I decided to see what other "Teach Like A Pirate" information was available and I found a TED Talk by Dave Burgess. He is so engaging. He spoke about his "Triple Venn Diagram" of teaching:
  7. Teach like a pirate: David Burgess at TEDxLitchfieldED
  8. CONTENT *** TECHNIQUES AND METHODS *** PRESENTATION All are important, but sometimes you need that third circle, presentation, to draw kids in and help them to WANT to learn.