Blended Learning

More acronyms: BLC (Blended Learning Course) and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)


  1. I read the required text, Towards a Design Theory of Blended Learning Curriculum, keeping in mind our upcoming Digital Learning project. (Authors Ronghuai Huang, Ding Ma, and Haisen Zhang.) The paper was written by Chinese professors, talking about how well digital learning worked to expand capacity at the Chinese Universities.
  2. In my simplified view, according to the authors, there are three parts of a well-designed BLC for the teacher to control:
  3. Pre-analysis - prepare the students for the lesson, preassessment, demonstrate what you are looking for
  4. Instructional design - Activities and resources
  5. Assessment - of both process and product
  6. There are four categories that students control:
  7. 1. Lead in: define the task, explore resources
  8. 2. Plan: describe the problem, brainstorm
  9. 3. Act: research, write
  10. 4. Review: present, critique, reflect
  11. I always appreciate Kathy Schrock's point of view. I particularly liked her Cogs of CognitiveProcesses. The diagrams in the BLC article flowed similar to the way Kathy's description of the cognitive process turned - not in one direction, but back on itself, working toward the end. We move through different cycles of Bloom's taxonomy, getting to deeper learning as we explore our topic through various means.
  12. Facebook Ruins Job Interview
  13. Much of my week, as in the past couple of weeks, I collected resources for our collaborative digital learning unit. We are working on Internet Safety and Responsibility. Though we've been piecing together a unit, the readings and watchings have, for me, brought to light weaknesses in our unit structure and helped to strengthen it.
  14. My work week, other than running the library, presenting Powtoon at a Steering Committee meeting, and introducing Google Classroom to a dozen or so teachers, has been ambushed by the politics and excitement of coordinating our annual Dodgeball tournament. Go team!