A new way to earn credentials.


  1. Personally, I like the idea of badges.
  2. I expected the article, "Designing Open Badges for a Technology Integration Course," to be dry, but it was very informative, discussing the practical and impractical aspects of a badge-oriented one-credit course for educators. I liked the idea of leveled badges. Their badge design was boring, though. (Maybe the badges were colorful, but not on that PDF!)
  3. After a workshop at the CASL/CECA Conference in October, I put paper badges on teachers' doors if they tried a lesson on Google Classroom. I need to put up some new ones! We have a lot of folks in the building who are trying different components of GC.
  4. "Badges for Everyone" suggested looking for badge opportunities for students before re-inventing the wheel, so I Googled "digital badges internet safety" (my Distance Learning unit theme) and found a program for Digital Passport by Common Sense Media for 3rd - 5th graders. I played the "Twalking" game and scored reasonably well while multitasking. I scored VERY well when I was able to concentrate.
  5. Mid-week this popped up. I wonder if it was planned...?