An overwhelming week...

Can we have control over our content and delivery? What's best for our students?


  1. Big Brother Is Watching YOU by Nighted
    Big Brother Is Watching YOU by Nighted
  2. This week's required videos were diverse. The topics covered connected learning, learning through internships, and diverse work environments. While I thought the ideas in the videos were great, they were not workable on the large scale of a public school environment.
  3. While using games at school would surely increase engagement for some students, laying the groundwork and keeping all students involved would be tricky. The speaker in the video talked about activities she does with her child at home that drive learning. These activities involve parental support and include one-on-one mentoring. Exploration, learning from failure, and gaming are great learning experiences, but it would be difficult for schools to devote enough time to those activities with current staffing, testing, and scheduling.
  4. Internships are valuable learning experiences! At Abbott Tech, we send students in some trades out on Work Study. It takes a responsible students and a flexible, mentoring supervisor to make this arrangement work well. Picture in your head thousands of students descending on small businesses in town asking for internships. Need I say more? I feel the same way about requiring community service for graduation or capstone projects for graduation. It is more work for the adults than the benefit for many of the students.
  5. RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work
  6. I admit... I love these animations. They make concepts seem simple. It would be perfect if we could do what we needed to do wherever we would like in order to get "the job" done. People who are self-employed can do that. We who choose to work for "the man" have to live by company rules. (Work in combination with looking busy for X# hours a day...) Until it becomes simpler to be self-employed, we are likely to be following the patterns in the animation, even though some jobs are better suited for flexibility.
  7. Although it was long, I was hooked into the Security Now podcast/broadcast with Steve Gibson. I listened to the NSA's PRISM operation explanation and about Edward Snowden. I decided to check out Mr. Gibson's website to learn about his Spinright product, and found a password security checker and an https security checker. If you have time, the "Password Haystacks" on the website below is enlightening.
  8. In the context of DISTANCE LEARNING, gaming with others or a computer without time constraints could be an amazing learning tool for a motivated students. Internships with an online, shared reflection component could cause huge intellectual growth, both in learning and self-reflection. The benefit for completing my IT&DML coursework is the fact that I can do it when I have time during the week at my own pace, which is what the animation spoke to.