Memorable Milestones in the History of Slots


  1. No casino is as successful as is can be if it doesn’t have an excellent selection of slot machines. Slots are a major draw in casinos, whether online or off. There are thousands of titles that players seek out every year to try their luck while betting a few coins. Slots allow players the chance to experience the excitement and rush one feels as the hope builds for each reel to pop up with a winning icon.

    The fact is that slots are fun and this is a good part of why the game has such a long and intriguing history. Since the late 1800s, slots have been on the scene spicing things up in the casino arena. Early game variations featured card numbers instead of fruit. The tradition carries on today, with fruit machines and video slot games that still feature Deck Of Cards icons
  2. Some Intriguing Historical Slot Facts
  3. The use of card icons in a slot game was done intentionally so slot game users would have some kind of anchor knowledge. This gives the user a reference of understanding so they could partake in future new games. The use of card symbols also made learning the game easier. The first slots featured five reels, ten cards, and two missing cards - usually the Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spades. The first machines paid winners in cigars, drinks, and prizes, but not money.
  4. Early History of Slot Games
  5. In the early 1890s, the 5-reel slot poker machine was invented by Pitt and Sittman. Four years later in 1894, Charley Fey invested the first three-reel slot titled One-Armed Bandit. A year later in 1885, the second slot game was released with the title 4-11-44. Four years later in 1898, the slot machine lineup saw the introduction of the Liberty Bell slot game, also created by Charles Fey. Nine years after that, Stephen Mills comes onto the scene with his own version of the slot: The Operator Bell machine. Then, in 1912, poker-based slot games were replaced with what are still called Fruit Machines today.
  6. With the appearance of the Liberty Bell, new physical features were introduced: a big handle on the side of the machine for spinning the reels, a coin acceptor for taking in bets, and a payout table detailing potential winnings. These first slot machines got their trial run in saloons in San Francisco, California. It was at this time the slot game inventor Charles Fey decided to focus entirely on his invention. He left his job and concentrated on slots, ending up as the leader in the realm of slots ownership.

    Later, when Stephen Mills got in on the slot-creation action, he made the decision to add ten brand new symbols to Fey’s original concept. Mills made the slot game more compact and improved the installation procedures. Some call the period ranging from 1919 to 1930, the “Golden Age of Slots,” as it was a time when the game was a widespread success all across the United States. The 500-coin electromechanical slot option was a precursor to the electronic slot gaming solutions so prominent today.
  7. A Lull in the Evolution of the Game
  8. The history of slots came to a lull of sorts by 1920, when the government began to put rigid laws in place outlawing the spread of gambling and alcohol sales. It wasn’t until the mid-1960s that another slot machine was introduced: Money Honey. It was the first electromechanical slot game to enter the casino scene. It was then that the history of slots slowed down into another lull without further significant changes happening until around the mid 1990s.
  9. Virtual Games & Online Slots Action
  10. By 1994, the Free Trade & Processing Act was passed by the Governments of Antigua and Barbuda, opening the doors for online casino games a year later in 1995. This also happened to be the year the Gaming Club opened, the first virtual casino ever. In 1996, InterCasino was officially launched and the Reel’Em bonus second-screen-slot option was also released. It was on the same year the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was launched and people began enjoying online gaming from a whole host of Internet-based casinos.

    Things took a turn in 2006, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed by the United States. With the passage of this law, many casinos made their games unavailable to US players. Sorry Americans. But you’ll always have Vegas!
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  12. Today’s virtual slot games are amazing in terms of graphics, animations, story lines, and soundtrack. The slot game has evolved from the three and five reel games of the past to the three, five, seven, and nine reels, multiple pay line slots offerings of today. Once video slots were created, the move to online slots. if you want to give it a tray or just to watch a video you can learn more here....