1. Woke up still riding the high of Jan and Denise's election last night as co-moderators. Here's a brief recap of their hopes for the denomination they'll serve over the next 104 weeks:
  2. Worshipped at First Presbyterian Portland, a half-hour walk from my hotel. Decided to forego mass transit for a few extra steps on the Fitbit. 51 degree temps and sunny blue skies sealed the deal.
  3. Now this is a sanctuary. #ga222
    Now this is a sanctuary. #ga222
  4. Craig was one of my doctoral professors at Pittsburgh Seminary and is slated to be the Gilchrist Sunday speaker for my church next Lent.
  5. Speaking of dance clubs, somewhat providentially, Portland Pride was in full swing in downtown this morning. Providentially, I encountered this on my way back to the hotel:
  6. It took the long walk back to the hotel for me to calm down after that. Then, back to work at our afternoon plenary. Greetings from Jewish & Muslim Portland neighbors, and in their comments it's obvious that divestment and Islamophobia are very much on their minds. They hope it's on ours too.
  7. The main business of the afternoon session involved nominating our denomination's new stated clerk, due to the retirement of Grayde Parsons, who is awesome.
  8. Quick note: J. Herb is also awesome. #harhar
  9. Another candidate, David Baker, is challenging the nomination. Election will take place on Friday morning. Stay tuned.
  10. A few other reports, and then it was off to our assigned committees. So.....
  11. Let's get this party started! #billsandovertures #ga222
    Let's get this party started! #billsandovertures #ga222
  12. Basically Bills & Overtures sets the agenda for the rest of the plenary sessions (that will resume Wed. afternoon) as far as what bills are addressed by the General Assembly, when and for how long. 32 of us are hunkered around tables beginning the process. Yay, Presbyterian polity!