1. Morning came early. Well, early Portland time. I'm an early riser as it is, and this time change is really throwing me off. Woke up wide awake at 4am. Whoo-hoo!

  2. Went for a 3-mile run around downtown Portland. Beautiful city. Lots of evergreen trees, beautiful river through town. Oh, and a crisp 55 degrees.

  3. Found a Starbucks right on the way from my hotel to the convention center. #Winning.

  4. A whole lotta Presbyterians. #ga222 #nosleepinportland #preslandia

  5. Experienced irrational excitement over finding this in my table spot at the beginning of worship:
  6. First plenary session began with a brief candlelight vigil remembering the Orlando shooting, as well as the Charleston shooting which happened just about a year ago. One part of our liturgy struck me deeply:
  7. The irony of voting all week toward the church’s future on what uncannily resembles my early 2000’s Blackberry....
  8. Let's vote! #notablackberry #ga222
    Let's vote! #notablackberry #ga222