1. Plenary session kick in in a huge way today - morning, afternoon, evening. Lots of things to discuss, discern, determine. #wheresthecoffee
  2. Loooong line at Starbucks this morning. #Belharhangover #ga222
    Loooong line at Starbucks this morning. #Belharhangover #ga222
  3. First hour of the morning was mostly comprised of various reports. This one I found particularly interesting...
  4. Project Regeneration: Friendship Presbyterian
  5. Then the YAADs came up and led an energizer....
  6. So this just happened on the floor of #ga222. #doyouwantarevolution
  7. Morning concluded on a bit of a downer, as we seemed to get lost in parliamentary purgatory - or, as a friend of mine put it, "we got drunk on polity." Elected to take it back up after lunch.
  8. Have I mentioned how incredibly awesome it was that we approved the Confession of Belhar last night?
  9. After lunch, the Gradye retirement love continues...
  10. Back to where we ended the morning session. Still as confusing as it was before. We are spending entirely too much time trying to figure out what we're doing.
  11. So we are REALLY lost in parliamentary purgatory. I mean, like really. And we're WAY behind in today's docket. At this pace we won't finish our business until sometime next Tuesday. That's just a joke, but not really.
  12. And then a Holy Spirit moment - a commissioner reminds the floor that we should trust the work the committee did in the days prior this week and not try to do their work for them. Genius. And that seemed to move things along....
  13. On to a more controversial topic regarding the future of our synods. This is a little more straightforward than some of the other stuff we've done today: you either want to keep the current structure as-is, or support a restructuring. Some strong voices from both sides...
  14. Dinner break. Ran all around town trying to find a place not overrun with Presbyterians. In the rain. Then back to work. We've got a long night ahead of us. Announced an anticipated finish time of 11:30pm. That's a little over five hours from now. Sheesh...