Manatees; An Endangered Species


  1. What is a Manatee?

  2. Manatees are graceful marine mammals. They got their name "sea cow" because of their bulky size and slow like movements. However, manatees were believed to be the start of the mermaid myth. It is said that when saliors in southern Florida first spotted a "mermaid", what they were actually looking at was a manatee.
  3. Why should we care?

  4. These are animals that can not defend themselves. These are animals that do not have a voice and are often times forgotten about or neglected. I have had personal experience doing an intenship in Belize working with manatee rehablilitation and conservation and I can tell you from first hand experience that they are worth the time and effort. Manatees are so gently and effectionate. They are not aggressive at all. Please help save the manatees!

  5. How can we help?

  6. Lucky - First Week at Wildtracks
  7. This is a video of the Manatee Rehabiliation center in Belize that I spent a month interning at. Just by watching this video you can see how wonderful this organization is. How much time, effort, and pure dedication as well as devotion they put into the rescue and rehabiliation of these gentel giants.