24 Hour Livin Hot on the Hill Challenge


  1. Over 600 people participated in the 24 hour hill challenge on 8 August 2015 at Townsville to raise awareness and money for youth suicide and mental health.
  2. Hot FM teamed up with Livin, the suicide charity, to launch Livin' Hot on the Hill for the very first time in Townsville.
  3. Sixty teams walked up and down Castle Hill repetitively for 24 hours.
  4. Each team had to abide by the rules which were, at least one member from each team had to be walking Castle Hill at all times.
  5. Each team was required to wear a Fitbit to track how many kilometres their team covered.
  6. A base camp was set up at the top of Castle Hill that provided participants and volunteers with a place to sleep, food and drinks.
  7. According to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne (2015) between 23.5% and 49% of teenagers at some time have thoughts of suicide.
  8. The event raised $40,000 through registration fees, donations and merchandise for youth suicide and mental health.
  9. Participant, Fiona Lewis, 19, said that the event has really opened her eyes to how common youth suicide is and the need for potential victims to get the help that they need before it is too late.
  10. "I think awareness is very important because it is a topic that not many people talk about," she said.
  11. "Everybody is working together as a community to raise money for a much needed cause."
  12. Some participants wore outfits with tributes printed on them in memory of loved ones who they had lost due to mental illness.
  13. At the conclusion of the event tears were shed by both participants and spectators as everybody took a moment to remember the victims of youth suicide and mental health.
  14. Donations can be made to the Livin Charity via their website at livin.org.au.