Wandering along with Year 3/4

Our year 3/4's set off on a walk in our local neighbourhood. They were looking at the features of our environment, as a way to answer the "Big" inquiry question: How and why are places similar and different?


  1. Before we went we spoke to a long time resident and our school neighbour about the way things have changed and told the Museum Victoria staff that we were going to tweet on our way. We were looking for similarities and differences. We were planning on visiting Wurundjeri wetlands and then the local shopping street.

  2. Let's Go ! So lucky that the weather is perfect for our walking tour
  3. Arrived at Wurundjeri Wetalnds after a short walk from school
  4. A pity that we saw human impact that was not positive!
  5. We asked our first questions and got immediate assistance from the Museum Staff who were watching our tweets.
  6. How wonderful to have an expert entomologist answer our question - That does not happen every day!
  7. We found that there are great ways to identify wildlife including special Apps
  8. Then we were off to our Urban landscape