Many learners, Many teachers #askacurator day '15

Today we participated in #askacurator day. This is how it went ....


  1. The idea is simple. Real people (ones who work in Museums for a living ) known as curators, use Twitter to open up conversations with other real people (anyone who will watch but in our case classes of students) . The hashtag #askacurator allows us to connect even if we don't follow each other. Twitter makes it local, national and global ! Twitter makes the conversations immediate and exciting.
  2. We know that our students are too young to use Twitter on their own. Our intention with activities like this is to model how connecting to others via social media can enhance our learning. As teachers, we show, we know how to connect and ask questions : using social media in a positive way.
  3. We heard about it from our friends at Museum Victoria Education team @mvteachers
  4. Our students had been collecting stories about their families this term and we had some artefacts to use to spark our ideas for questions. As we had a busy day at school on the day (Italian Day) we planned some of our tweets the day before and scheduled them for the morning. Have a look at the conversations we had.