Best of 2016: Writing

I'm not a writer, but there was some stuff I came across this year in that category that I thought I'd share


  1. This year I looked into what it takes to do some fiction writing. While kind of an absurd premise, I thought this series of videos were really pretty inspiring on what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Sometimes you just need to see that things are possible to believe you can do them.
  2. 21 Day Novel Writing Challenge: Introduction
  3. One of the things that I explored along with this were why is it that stories follow the same patterns so often. Are we really so predictable in what we like in stories?
  4. I considered what is it to break out of the standard mold of "good guy" / "bad guy" in a story. These pages are pretty interesting.
  5. I like summaries of the best stuff like this because it lets me be a total tourist in a whole genre and just take the stuff that experts recommend.