Learning How To Play Slap Bass

People who are interested in learning how to play the bass guitar or double bass can learn a unique style


  1. People who are interested in learning how to play the bass guitar or double bass can learn a unique style that is popular and played in clubs, on movies and on television shows. A technique called slap bass involves pressing down on a couple of the strings that run across the fingerboard on an instrument. As various levels of firmness are applied to the strings, different sounds will be produced.

    When a person speeds up the process, the sound of the music that is produced will sound different. This technique is often used along with a technique that involves plucking strings away from the fingerboard. To do this, a player needs to place a couple of their fingers underneath some of the strings that run across the instrument. They can gently pull the strings away from the instrument and release them to produce an interesting sound.

    An individual who is playing in this manner can experiment with the sounds that their instrument makes by pulling the strings further away from the fingerboard and completing each move at varying speeds. When slapping and plucking are alternated, a distinct sound will be produced that many people find to be pleasing to listen to. Tutorials are offered online that will teach an individual how to play awesome slap bass lick from the comfort of their home.

    The tutorials are explained in simple terms and are taught by a person who has a lot of experience playing a bass guitar and double bass. A person who uses these tutorials as a guide will not feel pressured to learn the techniques. They can watch the videos at their own pace and practice each step until they are comfortable with it. Each slap bass lesson is suitable for players with different levels of experience. An individual who is just starting will be able to grasp the concept shown in each lesson.

    Experienced players will also be able to gain knowledge by following along with each tutorial, as well. After a person learns how to play slap bass and practices for a while, they may be anxious to show off their new skills to their friends and family. These lessons will help an individual enjoy themselves while playing their instrument. They will also come in handy if a person is in a band. They can show their band members how well they play after they have practiced for a while and use the technique when performing live for others.