Social Feedback (Week of November 10)

Feedback and reported issues we responded to this week.


  1. We do our best to monitor @Storify, @Storifyhelp and @Livefyre, especially during business hours. Luckily the peeps have our back around the clock as well.
  2. Here are the tweets we caught this week, captured for possible patterns in product feedback or support issues:
  3. ^No similar reports of this, and we couldn't reproduce in the "User" area of the Twitter source, so Support should take a look:
  4. Login issue?
  5. ^He mentions login working in other browsers, so we recommended clearing his browser's cache/cookies. Issues with the "login cookie" can sometimes cause people to see this issue.
  6. Unresponsive button in Chrome:
  7. ^Might be a browser extension issue (in Chrome, things like adblockers can affect how content is added/deleted from the page). He mentions clearing cache, so we'd have him contact Support. More:
  8. ^strange, but great to know!
  10. Element count:
  11. Tweeting automatically: