Social Feedback (Week of December 8)

Feedback and reported issues we responded to this week.


  1. We do our best to monitor @Storify, @Storifyhelp and @Livefyre, especially during business hours. Luckily the peeps have our back around the clock as well.
  2. Here are the tweets we caught this week, captured for possible patterns in product feedback or support issues:
  3. ^Unresponsive editor/buttons or failure for sources to appear can sometimes be caused by javascript errors happening in the browser or (in rarer instances) Storify API issues. There was no API downtime this week according to, and unfortunately no response to our reply. Hope it got sorted out!
  4. ^The team's still having difficulty reproducing this, so an engineering ticket's been opened to investigate. No records of API errors or other spikes (which have sometimes caused performance issues for the Chrome extension in the past). We'll keep an eye out for similar reports!
  5. ^This was a very interesting issue. Storify stories can only be embedded on a page one time (pasting the same embed code multiple times will just show the story once). Here, two embedded stories had nearly identical titles, "confusing" the embedded iframes. A fix is being tested now. Great catch!
  6. ^Sometimes minor javascript or display issues will be reported after we release minor frontend updates. Clearing a browser's cache can help. Most times the fixes go into effect and any minor display problems resolve within a few minutes however, which seems to've happened here.