#HacksHackers event at Medium HQ

The January 13th Hacks and Hackers event took place at Medium HQ, and the Medium team took questions from journalists, designers and engineers.


  1. I couldn't make last night's Hacks and Hackers event at Medium, but luckily Storify co-founders Xavier Damman and Burt Herman (also the Hacks and Hackers founder) were on hand to live tweet it. 
  2. The Medium team dished some great info on their approaches to paying writers, metrics and the design of Medium. All while dodging those pesky questions about business models! (Sorry, journalists :)
  3. How will Medium bring (and keep) content creators?
  4. Some insight into design at Medium:
  5. Really like some of these insights into their general approach:
  6. Interesting perspective from Alex Howard on that point: