Skyforge Client Config: Tweaking Graphics & Going Beyond the Limited Settings Menu


  1. Alrighty, lets have a great time with the customer!
    In case you're running at a genuinely high casing rate with every one of your settings turned up, yet at the same time missing that additional umph of point of interest then this may be the string for you.
    I'll clean this string up throughout the following couple of days/weeks as individuals need more data.
    The accompanying aide is in view of the EU/US CBT2 adaptation. I don't have admittance to the RU OBT variant and can't composed a legitimate aide for it.
    First and foremost you'll have to find your profile config record.
    You can discover it in the accompanying organizer: <Drive>\<Install Directory>\Mygames\skyforge_mycom\Personal\
    Inside you'll see a document named gfx-####-####-########-###-###.cfg, every # is an irregular alphanumerical character.
    Open the document with Notepad or your most loved content manager so you can start tweaking Skyforge Videos settings.
    Settings Menu
    You may have officially recognized the Settings menu is really constrained the first occasion when it was opened. With alternatives like Screen Resolution, Quality Presets, FSAA, Shadows, SSAO, Texture Filtering, different point of interest levels and impacts flips.
    In any case there are various variables not found inside the menu however are bolted into Presets. Giving the client no genuine
    control over ingame detail and can have the amusement running with low detail or high detail settings with settings balanced how you wish. Which is the thing that this post is about, getting around the impediments set by the ingame UI and truly upgrading the point of interest levels found inside Skyforge, making the amusement look great; or most exceedingly awful in the event that you require more framerate.
    The well done, the subtle element you never recognize until its brought up.
    Presently this is very subject to your framework, however in the event that you have a husky apparatus take a stab at coordinating foliage's draw separation with guide range.
    Foliage Distance:
    Rendering separation, on the off chance that you have a card higher than a 700 like a 870
    make an endeavor at setting this quality between 128 - 256. Set it lower if
    you have a weaker card.
    Foliage Shadow Distance: Again much
    like Foliage Distance this setting controls how far shadowed are
    rendered onto Foliage. You ought to feel safe to keep this qualities adjusted.
    The remaining settings just flip foliage and foliage shadows off or on.

    Geometry LOD & Cutoff
    Much like Cloud Skyforge Density these settings are just controlled by the 5 presets; an immense oversight.
    Geometry Cutoff Distance MultiplierApr 15, 2015 3:32 AM EDT:
    The bring down this esteem the further geometry seen on the planet is expelled from your scene taking into account separation, keep it low or set it to 0 and draw
    Geometry LOD Distance Multiplier: The higher the worth the further you have to be from players and other world items to conjure other lower levels of LOD. In the event that you have a 2k/4k or higher screen take a stab at turning your LOD up. Why? Those screens have a much higher pixel thickness permitting you see significantly more detail however at the expense of having the capacity to effortlessly see low LODs.