@Channel_21 Shoots the Messenger

On Sunday night @Channel_21 announced that it had "taken over" @BoratSays's (formerly @RealChopperRead) twitter account. Unfortunately they failed to register the domain name linked from their twitter profile. Rather than admitting that they'd goofed they shot, abused and slandered the messenger.


  1. I was surprised to see this tweet in my timeline. I had no idea who @Channel_21 was or which account they'd taken over.
  2. I checked the timeline of @Channel_21 and found the history.
  3. They twitter profile referenced a website channel21.com.au I clicked the link but it wouldn't load. I checked DNS and whois to discover that the domain was unregistered. I've been thinking about doing on some video tutorials and liked the sound of the name, so I grabbed the domain.  I pointed out Channel 21's mistake, in a light hearted way.

  4. Even @Channel_21 found my tweets amusing, at first.  They even offered me a job.
  5. By this stage I wasn't sure @Channel_21 knew very much about domain name registration. Their next tweet confirmed it.
  6. Then ignorance gave way to abuse.
  7. I find it amusing when people who are ignorant start talking of lawyering up. I couldn't resist this tweet.
  8. I have the card of an IP lawyer who, last time I checked charge 450AUD per hour. I've since had people DM me details of others, but I'm yet to check their rates.