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    7bb3afa9e5 So, heres to Michigan and its Americanized Chinese food! Thank you, Tina (and Natasha for letting me know) for doing this great research and offering up the secrets. I know it started in the San Francisco area, but in Detroit it became so popular that all Chinese restaurants had it, he told the Free Press. Leave reply Tina 7513 Thanks, Lynn. ALSO ON ZESTER DAILY All Night Long, Uncork Champagnes Multiple Personalities Tina Caputo Spanish Priorat Vineyard Gets Probiotic Boost Tina Caputo Winemakers Follow Bold Brewers And Get Creative Tina Caputo 178 COMMENTS Andy 4213 Oh, the sweet magic that is Almond Boneless Chicken! The taste of Detroit indeed, or in my case, Ferndale. Weve been friends for 20 years, and weve been looking for this dish for about 17 years ever since we both had to move to Texas.
    Yees closed in the 90s I believe. I guess my search for a Wor Sue Gai recipe continues. Do not skip the whole almonds fried in the oil - these really give it the taste.
    But it wasnt, you know, its not CHINESE food, he said.
    Tina Caputo January 31, 2014 at 10:12 pm # Thanks for spreading the ABC love just looking at that photo makes me drool. Now we were getting somewhere. Just enough to come up half the side of the chicken.
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