Bloggers should look for these features in their WordPress themes


  1. There are several people blogging about various topics and interests and several hundreds and thousands of blogs coming online every year. Hence there is a need for bloggers to look for certain ways to get online.

    Some of the ways are easy like using a blogger or Tumbl blog which is free of course or using WordPress blog for instance.
  2. However going forward they may feel the urge of using some other platform which is their own rather than going to a common blogger platform.

    Reasons are simple: You want to own your blog, your source code, your logo, your domain etc.
  3. You want to add several features going down the line which might not be possible using a Tumblr or a WordPress hosted blog hence the urge to have a self hosted website which gives you option to add your own widgets, plugins and also enables you to manage your own website on your own.

    While using a owned WordPress website you will look for either purchasing a WordPress theme or getting a free one.
  4. In either cases you might want to look at these features which are essential and required for any of the news or blog WordPress theme be it free or premium:

    1.Compatible with subscription plugins: There are several subscription plugins and if your free WP theme is compatible then it would give an added benefit.

    2. Responsive is must nowadays: One cannot imagine any website without responsive nowadays the reason being very simple growing reliance over smart phones and more and more smartphone users now using internet on their mobile phones than traditional desktop. Hence responsive is a must feature and no doubt your website should be responsive and mobile and smart phone compatible. Also one has to check cross browser compatibility many themes aren't cross browser compatible and if a theme isn't compatible to popular browser then whats the use of using it.

  5. 3. GPL licensed: Many times we face serious problems by use of an image within a theme which has nothing to do with the entire website and often those image websites then send us legal notices. Hence it is important to find GPL licensed themes which also have their resources like scripts, images etc as GPL.

    4. Footer credit editable: Most of the times we have to keep using free themes and having credit of the theme company. Hence its easier and better to have a theme which has footer credit editable which would mean you have your professional website without someone else's name in Footer. GPL themes allow this.

    5.Sticky posts compatible: Sticky posts compatibility is essential for bloggers as they might want to highlight some important post or update on the top and then the latests blog posts thereafter. Hence sticky has to work. Unfortunately several themes ignore this.

    6.Post layouts compatible: Post layouts like image layout, video layout, link layout etc are also essential for bloggers because they want separate and different post layouts everytime as per their posts. Many themes do ignore this as well.

    7.Lightweight and fast loading: Of course what good is a site if it doesn't load faster and isn't lightweight. Heavy coded magazine or blogger Best Free WordPress themes are always slow to load and due to the number of resources loaded up in header they take a lot of time. Hence its better to consider lightweight and faster loading themes which will benefit in long run as a blog consists of various images.

    8.SEO friendly: SEO friendly is essential and important and if the coding is silos structure ready and SEO friendly with proper meta etc included in the code then the chances of the site crawled and rising up in Google rankings become high. Hence consider this factor an important one too.

    9.Social media friendly: Social media friendliness is essential for interaction with your clients and customers and hence social commenting systems like Facebook comments etc and feed of various social media and follow or like and social sharing are important. Hence a blog theme should have all of these features to make it a successful one.

    10. Widget friendly: Widget is required to place ads or subscription boxes or various other widgets like calendar, weather etc. Hence widget friendliness will increase chances of scalability of that free WordPress theme.