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Random Acts of Kindness

On a day like today, it's important to remember that we have to take care of one another.


  1. Our building is full of study tables, most of which are full on evenings and weekends. A lot of them are like Twitter user @petitbeeri - people camping out with their laptops and schoolbooks, trying to get some work done. 
  2. We're try to listen to our online patrons, and when the opportunity comes along to help someone out, we'll do what we can to provide service. 
  3. We have a coffee machine on the first floor, where people can buy a quick java fix. 
  4. (In our job descriptions, this would fall under "Other Duties as Assigned." 
  5. We're nothing if not detail-oriented. 
  6. Time to delivery: six minutes.
  7. This is my favorite thing about social media: other people can share in the joy. 
  8. Good luck, Abeera! Please let us know if we can help with your research. We're good at getting coffee, but we're even better at finding information.