Mastering SAP Technology 2013

Rather than take personal notes during this years Mastering SAP Technology conference in Melbourne Australia I decided to live tweet the event. I wanted to share my experience with other like minded people with similar interests. This is my story.


  1. Day 0: Pre-conference SAP Inside Track (SIT) and Demo Jam

    Kudos to Graham Robinson and the Mastering SAP Team for hosting and running the SAP Inside Track and the Demo Jam - they did a fantastic job as usual!
  2. A huge THANK YOU goes out to my lovely wife for looking after the kids on her own for 3 days while I buggered off to Melbourne. They did join me in the Virgin lounge at the airport and make the most of the pancake machine before I left :-)
  3. Melbourne looking stunning from 5,000 ft... nearly there
  4. The SIT down-under is slightly different from others around the world - it is more of a traditional un-conference style - so don't expect any long Powerpoint presentations. 

    Graham Robinson organized a great 4 hours that included a speed dating session for us all to get to know each other a bit better (to the delight of the yellows in the audience but not the blues - you'll get this later on if you don't get it now). This was followed by a slightly provocatively presentation by Dennis Howlett titled I Don't Give a F%^k About Your Code (don't hold back Dennis ;-)) which you can see more of here  (btw... Dennis' slides were under embargo so they couldn't be shown on the video - but should be published soon) 
  5. I Don't Give a F%^k About Your Code
  6. Dennis makes a good point - it is really the end result that people care about not really how that result is achieved.
  7. We then had a series of panel discussions where questions were taken from the audience on a number of topics selected by the crowd including HANA, Cloud, Mobility and UI technologies.
  8. There was a bit of a break then to give the Demo Jam contestants some time to prepare and the rest of us some time to grab a bite to eat and have a chat. Then came the Demo Jam which as usual showcased some great ideas and unique ways to use SAP technology.
  9. And the Cannons snatched it from the grasp of the Cows. Well done all involved! If anyone can point me to a video of the Demo Jam I will include it here too.
  10. A few drinks at the bar then off to get ready for Day 1 of the conference - for some reason I agreed to a 6.30 am run (hum)
  11. Day 1: Mastering SAP Technology 2013

  12. Hey it was worth dragging myself out of bed, I felt energized and ready for the day. Thanks to Tony for showing us "The Tan" a very popular running loop near down town Melbourne - I will be heading that way again the next time I'm down.