Open Data Challenge Series - Crime and Justice

The Crime and Justice Series had its Innovation and Creation Weekend last Saturday and Sunday. Eight teams competed over the two days, producing a range of projects that tackled the challenge, which asked:


  1. How can open data projects be constructed that achieve one of the following:

    - increase community involvement with the criminal justice system
    - create further evidence for what are effective interventions for rehabilitation
    - address the rise in personal crime
  2. The team behind #odchallenges had spent time with various people and organisations before the event. We're thankful to: BlueLightCamp, Open Data Manchester, Open Data Sheffield, Sheffield: Hack The City, Brewcamp, The Howard League for Penal Reform and New Philanthropy Capital as well as individuals too numerous to mention who have followed and supported the series at different points.

    This meant that we had a lot of anticipation before the event

  3. We started the weekend on Saturday morning, with some enthusiastic contestants almost beating the organisers to the venue!
  4. With teams already formed, or forming on the day, we were quickly into "What if....?" type of discussions
  5. This was soon followed by questions from teams, asking for people with specific skills .......
  6. ..... or for information about ideas they were developing.....
  7. ..... which received offers of help......