Brewcamp2 - Wikimedia and Derby Backstage Pass

Andy Mabbett (@pigsonthewing) talks about enhancing cultural offerings through the Wikipedia, Wikimedia family


  1. Andy (@pigsonthewing) talks about going to Derby Museum and taking part in their Backstage Pass event.

    People involved in Wikipedia, editors etc were given a tour of the museum and then went away and wrote articles about what they saw.

    Andy wrote an article on the day about a racing pigeon called The King of Rome
  2. QR pedia is providing links to articles in the language that a mobile phone is set to, where they exist.

    Oh, so GLAM stands for Galleries, Libraries, Art spaces and Museums. I thought it was a TRex palaeontology reference.

  3. And the third and final session of Brewcamp 2.0 is archived here. Sadly, curtailed early as @simonjgray's phone battery spluttered and died.