Brewcamp2 - Open Transport Data

Kate Sahota @808kate leads a discussion on the possibilities of a hackday using open transport data.


  1. Kate reckons that she has the data, she has the facilities, she has the techies, let's get together and see what we can build at a Hackday.

    She is asking the question that many of us are: what is the point of a hackday? Why aren't we creating any applications that are getting mainstreamed at these events. Or at least kickstarting them.
  2. Andy suggests having a pre-discussion on the Making a Difference With Data site. He is curating the transport section on there.
  3. @stulester is talking about gathering together 

    themes and ideas
    before the hackday.

    Donna from @digibrum suggests that we get people in to define some problems beforehand. Then, take a break before holding the day where you make an app or two.

    Excellent idea

  4. Right, it would appear that we have our first #Brewcamp scheme under way. Watch out for our Open Transport Data event(s), coming *gulp* soon.