Brewcamp2 - Walsall24

Brewcamp is an irregular meeting of whimsical types interested in using the web within the public sector. Organised, if that is the right word, by @mike_rawlins, @danslee, @pezholio, @pigsonthewing and @siwhitehouse


  1. The Second Brewcamp is  being held at Cafe Blend again as we were so happy with the service they gave us last time.
  2. If we're honest "Runnng a bit late" could be Stu's Twitter bio
  3. Walsall 24

    Dan say's he wasn't concerned about what was going to be on the front page of the Express and Star, just wanted to tell the story of one day in the life of a council. He ended up in The Guardian

    So, the bread and butter stuff that a council does but normally you only hear about when something goes wrong.

    It changed from being a planned exercise to something that became more spontaneous. It also informed council officers about what gets done, not just the general public.

    Individually the Tweets could be a bit mundane, but overall they built up a picture of a day in the life of Walsall.

    Twitter reach was over 100,000.

    It has sparked a interest in automating a system that Tweets or puts things on a map.

  4. @jacattell asks if there were any political barriers to overcome to get this done. Darren replies that they had built support up over time and developed trust.

    Dan wonders where his award is.
  5. Walsall investigated how many Tweets an hour they could send without getting the account shut down. 40 is the limit, and so they ran the hashtag through a number of accounts. 

    Andy (@pigsonthewing) asks what technology they used. Dan says that they used a Blackberry plus the standard Twitter interface although they might consider using Hootsuite in the future.
  6. The video of the session is available over on Bambuser