The disturbing sexism of the Kay Hagan #NCSEN campaign

In my last post about Kay Hagan, I explained how the Senator's campaign's desperation has led to ridiculous accusations against Tillis that him questioning her math on teacher pay raises & the debt equated to a "war on women." Unfortunately, their absurd rhetoric keeps getting worse ...

  1. First, a refresher on her final stretch "by any means necessary" strategy of tying criticizing her math to sexism:
  2. Roughly a week later, their first debate was held and Hagan and her comms team - and higher ups within the official DNC spin machine - made it clear throughout the night that no matter what Tillis said, or how he said it, he was engaging in ... "mansplaining." As you'll see from the below collection of tweets, the talking points were out, message received, all hands on deck ... and away they went. This one was enthusiastically retweeted by Sadie Weiner, Hagan's comms director:
  3. Another retweeted from Weiner, this time from the pro-abortion Emily's List Digital Comms Director Alison McQuade. Emily's List has set up camp here in NC by way of a dark money SuperPAC to try and help Hagan get re-elected:
  4. Oh - in case you think they only accuse him of "mansplaining" just on the math issue, think again:
  5. Got that? If you're a Republican male and you disagree with  a female Democrat politico and say so out loud, it's "mansplaining"! Because women are delicate flowers who can't handle being questioned on tough issues. You've come a long way, feminism! Not.
  6. Not to be left on the sidelines, the local (typically reliably left-leaning) media joined in - this time on the "issue" of Thom Tillis calling Kay Hagan ... Kay.  From Greensboro News and Record political reporter Joe Killian:
  7. From WRAL's NC Capitol account - I assume this is their political reporter Laura Leslie tweeting:
  8. Objection, your honor!  
  9. Exhibit A:
  10. Anyway, these two things  - that Tillis was "talking down" to Hagan the whole night, and was being "disrespectful" by calling her by her first name - became the story of the debate for Democrat comms/official party/PAC allies, and of course the local media - which never lets an opportunity to take shots at Republicans go to waste.  Charlotte Magazine contributing editor Greg Lacour:
  11. Not a big fan of mine, BTW: 
  12. Meanwhile, back at Sadie Weiner HQ:
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