#NCSEN: News & Observer sat on huge Hagan fundraiser story for two weeks

Here we go .... *again*.

  1. First, some (recent) background on the blatant pro-Senator Kay Hagan bias some of North Carolina's top news media outlets have been engaged in.
  2. Bet you thought I was exaggerating when I said there are left-leaning North Carolina media outlets that actively work to suppress news that doesn't fit with their political narratives, right? No better example can be found of this than in an inadvertent admission of sorts today from the Raleigh News & Observer.
  3. Back on September 18th, new media outlet The Free Beacon - a conservative-leaning publication - had a disturbing report speculating that Senator Hagan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, may have missed a classified ISIS briefing in February of this year for a New York City fundraiser. For those of you who missed that story or who need a refresher, click on the link below.
  4. Free Beacon attempted numerous times before and after the story to get comment from the Hagan campaign to confirm/clarify her whereabouts the afternoon of the closed-door briefing, but they 'refused multiple requests' to do so. This story was kept alive by other new media types as well, including yours truly and many other North Carolinians on social media who believed the story needed to stay out there until answers were obtained directly from the Senator and her campaign. Countless requests were made on Twitter to various comms team members for comment. Nothing. The Tillis campaign, to their credit, ran an ad slamming her poor attendance record. But as far as mainstream media outlets reporting on the story here in NC, you could hear crickets chirping.
  5. Fast forward to this week, and the second debate that happened between Speaker Tillis and Senator Hagan. After the debate, at a brief press conference, Hagan was (miraculously) asked by a local reporter whether or not she had skipped any briefings for fundraisers. Her answer:
  6. Hagan: Yes, I Missed An Armed Services Hearing To Fundraise
  7. From The Hill:
  8. "You know, there was one," Hagan said when asked by a reporter whether she'd missed any of the committee hearings to raise money. "And what had happened at that hearing, it was scheduled early in the day. And then votes were scheduled, and that hearing then had to be postponed later that day. So yes, I did miss that one."
  9. Many other outlets, both national and local, have picked up this story - including CNN, which noted that it's put the Senator in "hot water" just weeks before Election Day. These outlets understand that the story is, as our Vice President would say, "a big f---in deal."
  10. But almost as explosive as Hagan's admission itself is what the Raleigh News and Observer had to say about it today.
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