In which @GovChristie and #TruthToPower get acquainted

The bold, reformist, loud-mouthed, go-against-the-grain-turned-political-opportunist Governor Chris Christie (R) of NJ found out today what it's like when conservatives get fed up with his repeated attempts at revisionist history. Kids, don't try this at home.


  1. Governor Christie: Waiting 100 Days For Congress To Vote On This Was Outrageous
  2. Imagine my surprise when the Governor engaged with me on the issue:
  3. Twitchy Team documented many more Tweets to Christie here:
  4. The damage from Hurricane Sandy to the state of New Jersey was devastating, and I know Christie's number one priority has been to help get all the affected residents and businesses back on their collective feet. That's understandable, but making factually challenged assertions about your OWN PARTY is not. But it's an election year for him, and what better way to stay on the good side of a blue state like NJ than to (untruthfully) bash your own party? The Governor is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.  Let's hope for his remaining credibility that he thinks twice before the next time he considers grossly distorting the truth about Hurricane Sandy relief aid, or anything else.