#NCSEN: How Big NC Media are helping Hagan stay ahead

It's no big secret in North Carolina that the "establishment big media" are routinely in the tank for Democrat candidates. The hoops they are jumping through for Senator Kay Hagan, however, take the term "support" to a whole new level.

  1. Are there things GOP nominee Thom Tillis could be doing to put himself in a better position in the final weeks of the campaign? Yes.  Like shifting the focus back to national issues - which is what Senators have to deal with (as opposed to state budgets, which Kay Hagan naturally would rather discuss than her dismal record in the US Senate) - like Obamacare, the disturbing reports of substandard care at VA facilities, including ones right here in NC. Vigorously defend his record and attack Hagan's instead of continually telling voters what a nice guy he is. Doing these things consistently might give him an advantage. But one advantage he'll never have is the one that Team Hagan and other prominent Democrats in this state will always enjoy: Media favoritism.  Read on...
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