Journalists criticize Caleb Hannan and Grantland.

There were many, many other journalists who had retweeted other people's criticisms or links to critical blog posts about the piece. This is just a sampling of those who wrote about it directly.

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  1. Evan Hill, staff writer @ Al-Jazeera America
  2. Kyla Gardner, reporter/producer DNAInfo Chicago
  3. Jay Rosen, journalism prof @ NYU
  4. Steve Paul, editorial columnist @ Kansas City Star
  5. Clare O'Connor, staff writer @ Forbes
  6. Matt Pearce, national reporter @ the LA Times
  7. Laura J. Nelson, transportation reporter @ the LA Times
  8. Justin Ling, freelance
  9. Gregg Doyel, CBS sportswriter
  10. James Ball, special projects editor @ the Guardian US