Regulatory and Policy changes to create safer society.

There are many policies which are currently implemented by our government but as we all know those are not enough top protect women in our society. So we organised a tweetchat to get maximum suggestions.

  1. @pinthecreep A1. It's essentially a mix of both. There also needs to be commitment towards implementation.
  2. @pinthecreep I think it's lack of awareness around existing legal provisions & lack of political/social will 2 enforce law #policy #safesociety
  3. @pinthecreep A1. There is a need for sensitized policy and lawmaking. We need to have stronger formulation and subsequent intervention.
  4. @pinthecreep #policy #safesociety A1:as being the citizen of this and not safe in public, it has to be a legal issues
  5. @pinthecreep I feel people around us are not aware of the different legal supplies #policy #safesociety
  6. @pinthecreep A1:Both, law is a social science and both have a lot of influence on each other. Societal reform leads to reforms in law #policy #safesciety
  7. @visharda @pinthecreep Yes and plus these policies are written in such complicated format that it is not understood by common man. #policy #safesoceity
  8. @pinthecreep @visharda Yes, because people like us will do the rest of the awareness. Now legal terms are understood only by few people. #policy #safesociety
  9. @pinthecreep @me_luminescent I think it then becomes important to democratize the information so that everyone has access to and is aware of the provisions. #policy
  10. @pinthecreep A2: Consolidating laws/harsher punishments,abolition of conservative laws on women(like rape laws), criminalization of DV,streetharassment
  11. @me_luminescent @pinthecreep Collaborations with the civil society can go a long way in creating awareness #policy #safesociety
  12. @pinthecreep #safesociety #policy A2: we can have a severe punishment for the person who commits crime on another person
  13. @me_luminescent @visharda @pinthecreep True, the main thing as the law seems so complicated people don't even try to understand those laws #policy #safesociety
  14. @visharda @me_luminescent @pinthecreep Creating awareness amongst enforcement agencies also. Trafficking laws r an example of it. Girls r rarely stopped by police @stations etc.
  15. @pinthecreep Currently India is ranking 66th on World Justice Project's Rule of Law Index Which is really bad after comparing literacy rate in India
  16. @cheersrashmi @me_luminescent @pinthecreep @stations That's true. At every level, implementation must be accompanied by creating awareness and sensitization #policy #safesociety
  17. @pinthecreep Not treating law as a stand alone area but instead taking into consideration social aspects as well. This gives flexibility to the law
  18. @pinthecreep @visharda Exactly, Lawyers and Police are addressed last by common man. People fear and don't want their involvement in the routine. #policy
  19. @pinthecreep Yes,law should not be merely law in books, it should be alive. And society sometimes acts as a watchdog by informing police on #GBV for e.g
  20. @pinthecreep @visharda @me_luminescent @stations When the young girls r brought to Delhi etc for trafficking thru trains. They are never stopped by police anywhere even in the night.
  21. @visharda @pinthecreep Framing rule is important but implementation of that rule is more important. "Sab chalta hai" is the attitude we follow No respect for law
  22. @cheersrashmi @pinthecreep @visharda @stations We public don't raise voice, if they found something suspicious. We don't see as civic resposibility bt we see it as an unnecessary problem
  23. @pinthecreep @_Yeshna It depends on the way the law is implemented and what kind of confidence the public has in the security sector system #safesociety #Policy
  24. @pinthecreep Interesting debate. I'll go with yes -->would people stop street harassment if victims could report it? Some will still do it,but most won't
  25. @pinthecreep Legal processes should be reduced. Majority of times people are not willing to come to police or court becoz of its methodology of process
  26. @pinthecreep @_Yeshna That's on the security sector to remedy, rather than anyone else. They must build public confidence #safesociety #policy
  27. @pinthecreep The best international practice we can adobt is giving women what they deserve! #Policy #safesociety #womeninleadership
  28. @pinthecreep That's true too. It shouldnt be that way, provisions should be made in the legal system to stop that and encourage survivors to report
  29. @me_luminescent @pinthecreep @visharda @stations Completely agree with it. Our attitude is always to be mere spectators or just ignore.
  30. @pinthecreep Basically anyone can fool me till the time I am unaware about facts and figures, and that's how corruption begins. Systems should be strong
  31. @pinthecreep A3. Vigilance and demanding accountability on part of civil society. #safesociety #policy
  32. @pinthecreep Nothing will work unless people are accountable for their own responsibility. As simple as not throwing garbage on roads. #policy #systems
  33. @pinthecreep Same Indian will not throw anything on road in America but he will proudly do in India. We don't need Govt for this, we need right teaching
  34. @pinthecreep How many people v wil punish Population of India is 1.3 bn Police-Public ratio is 1:800 It's all vicious cycle Where to start no one knows
  35. @pinthecreep Yes, there should be investment on grassroots level. Example schools. Well qualified teachers and support for education system
  36. @pinthecreep Definitely a lack of will to enforce law. Even a problem of policy framing without understanding ground reality #policy #safesociety
  37. @pinthecreep A2. More citizen engagement while forming laws and more pilot studies before implementation of laws #safesociety #policy #SafetySummit
  38. @pinthecreep A3. Social agents need to build platforms that allow for more voices to be heard #policy #safesociety #safecity
  39. @pinthecreep Yes! Currently online/newspaper based feedback is taken on laws - good to have it percolate to village level as well #safesociety #policy
  40. @pinthecreep Give importance for subjects like Civics & Economics, Histroy & Geography. Learn more about Indian Nobel prize winners. #policy
  41. @pinthecreep May b helpful to have legal officers conduct recorded sessions to explain legal provisions?Or record 1 such session and play across country.
  42. @pinthecreep But it must atleast make an attempt?Need to undertake a CBA and look at ways to mitigate any costs as here human lives are affected #policy
  43. @pinthecreep @viswanathannfs We need to relook at education? Formal education does not equip people to develop EQ or even basic humanity #policy
  44. @pinthecreep @anupamaskapoor The gov is also made of civic society. We must ensure that civic society is never subjugated to gov decisions #policy #safesociety
  45. @pinthecreep Yes. And also the negligence that's developed in every individual's thoughts on how is it going to affect if a single person is concerned.
  46. @pinthecreep I think we place to much importance on formal literacy. Formal education doesn't seem to lend many the know how to develop laws anyway. 1/2
  47. @pinthecreep It is important that we understand people's opinions for what they are, even if not couched in legalise 2/2 #policy #safesociety
  48. @vanditamorarka @pinthecreep Or may be go even deeper and bring about changes in the curriculum which inculcates more ethical values and morals throughout?
  49. @pinthecreep Yes v do have, bt not in proportion with the masses If v copy each thing from western countries them I guess v should copy education system
  50. @pinthecreep @me_luminescent Comprehensive legal education along with ethical, moral etiquettes and values.
  51. @pinthecreep It can easily record one such session and then disseminate e-modules? #policy #safesociety
  52. @pinthecreep @vanditamorarka Private schools are beginning to get in. NGOs are trying best to get it to govt schools.
  53. @pinthecreep @vanditamorarka Are we missing out on how equipped the teachers themselves are at most of the schools? Mostly subject/marks oriented rather than life.
  54. @pinthecreep @vanditamorarka Alteast let's begin with small things and then go in detailing We are struggling with fundamentals #policy #safesociety
  55. @viswanathannfs @pinthecreep Exactly The whole focus is on to become Enginner, Doctor or CA Govt need to invest on education and create opportunities in other streams
  56. @pinthecreep @safetipinDOTcom A3. Data, evidence and stories to build an authentic case for action. Then, building a solution community incl gov+nongov. #safesociety
  57. @me_luminescent @pinthecreep Every individual teacher should keep their knowledge levels sharp and updated so that they will be able to open young minds.
  58. @pinthecreep @me_luminescent It's solely not govt's role. It's upto every individual choosing the profession and how are they sustained with the pay scale.
  59. @pinthecreep @me_luminescent Pay scale is definitely a major parameter. But when a person has chosen to teach, don't you think dedication is a must?
  60. @viswanathannfs @pinthecreep It won't happen Everyone works for money. That's why I said in previous tweets, Govt needs to invest in grassroots programs
  61. @pinthecreep @viswanathannfs It should be about quality. Previously even 10th passout had a value. Now even MBA will not have. Education system should be good
  62. @pinthecreep @viswanathannfs Corporates employees can volunteer but not the corporate profit. And start from one location or one state But it's prime work of Govt only