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SCNOW: Creating a Vibrant Enterprise Social Network

A Socialcast and Change Agents Worldwide webinar on 'Creating a Vibrant Enterprise Social Network that Employees Will Love' on 29 May 2014. This was the fourth webinar in the #SCNOW series.


  1. The webinar was recorded. A recording will be available shortly and this storify will be updated to include the recording when further materials are available.
  2. There was lots of anticipation in the lead-up to the webinar
  3. Simon Terry began by outlining the role of adoption of enterprise social networks.  There is no predetermined use of an enterprise social network. It is important to help users to understand how to adopt new work practices and collaboration in an organisation to create strategic value and value for users. Focus on creation of value.
  4. Simon Terry then discussed that the risks of an enterprise social network are often different to that of external social media. Policies should leverage existing organisational processes, add the elements needed for the new environment and engage employees in the process of policy development.