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Moving Forward with Social Collaboration

Susan Scrupski, Harold Jarche and Simon Terry presented the first Change Agents Worldwide webinar in partnership with Socialcast VMWare. The topic was Moving Forward with Social Collaboration.


  1. The Slideshare of the Presentation
  2. The Images in Joachim Stroh's Google+ Photo Album.
  3. The Recording of the Webinar
  4. A recording of the event with audio is available with registration:
  5. Getting Underway
  6. The webinar got underway with a lot of enthusiasm. The session was even attended by Australians who got up at 3am for the opportunity to join in.
  7. Introduction

    Joan Bodensteiner (@joneb), VP of Marketing at Socialcast VMWare introduced the speakers:
    - Susan Scrupski
    - Simon Terry
    - Harold Jarche

    Susan Scrupski (@ITSInsider) introduced the focus of the webinar on Social Collaboration and highlighted the power of networks in organisations to create a 'fireball of collaboration' internally and with other stakeholders
  8. The Problem

    Simon Terry (@simongterry) spoke about the Problems organisations face in considering Social Collaboration:
    - Pace of Change is Accelerating
    - Our Organizations are designed for the Past
    - Connectivity brings Complexity
    - We need to leap into new models of organisations and new ways of working