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Transmedia, Part One

Trying out Storify, with a story about defining transmedia as a first draft


  1. There are lots of resources and lots of definitions (not to mention lots of projects and lots of ideas) around the concept of transmedia. Some useful stuff is collected below, as a test of Storify.... And Wikipedia seems like the logical place to start.
  2. Prof. Henry Jenkins is acknowledged as the man who coined "transmedia storytelling". Here's his take on the subject:
  3. Jeff Gomez of Starlightrunner is one of the best speakers around on the subject of transmedia. As someone who's been there and done that, listening to him will give you much of the inspiration needed to start thinking about transmedia in ernest.
  4. Transmedia Storytelling 01
  5. The first TEDxTransmedia was held in Geneva in 2010, with a number of prolific speakers. Below two of the contributions, well worth listening to.
  6. TEDxTransmedia - Dan Hon - DAREtoPLAY
  7. TEDxTransmedia - Christy Dena - DAREtoDESIGN
  8. Wired did a good article on the subject in the summer of 2010 as well:
  9. And, there are so many people thinking about transmedia as a way to tell stories (no matter what kind of stories), and so many people writing about transmedia, so much debate and discussion going on... there really is so much to discover and learn. Here are some blogs that might be worth taking a look at:
  10. And, yeah, I write on the subject too:
  11. ...let's see what this looks like then!