DS106 Explodes... or Was That Just Me?

For the second time, I am following along with the soon to become famous course, DS106 originating out of the minds of Jim Groom and Martha at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. This course welcomes anyone to join as it is a massive open online course. MOOC.


  1. It all started out very innocently enough that summer day in June - the
    20th to be specific.Oh and did I mention, the 2011th year of our Lord? 

  2. Dr. Oblivion welcomes you to ds106
  3. The digital storytelling course seemed to be off to a good start with Groom's alter ego, Dr. Oblivion at the helm. Everyone was eager as many of us are at the beginning of any endeavor. Day 2 and Day 3 are very productive and students are working hard. 

    The students exercise their do-digitalness and remix responses to the video lectures of OblivionDoc.

  4. Dr Oblivion Day 3 Remixed Response
  5. The course is fun and playful. Moving very quickly to our delight.

    THEN, the unthinkable happens.
  6. Day 4 and Dr. Oblivion Disappears
  7. Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?
    Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?
  8. The students starting anxiously creating WANTED posters. There were precious few sightings of the good Doctor.
  9. Attempt 2 Dr. Oblivion Poster
    Attempt 2 Dr. Oblivion Poster
  10. It soon becomes apparent that a simple case of the missing alter ego - Dr. Oblivion -  is far more complicated than anyone realizes. A very sinister tone threatens to overwhelm the course. Some students bravely carry on with their assignments and some incorporate the facts of the situation into their ds practices.

  11. News on the March: Special Edition
  12. A very disturbing sighting of the Doctor increases everyone's anxiety.
  13. Even the good Doctor continues his homework for DS106 while missing in the deep internet.

  14. Finally there appears to be a break in the case. The storifying of pedagogy has reached new heights.

  15. Meanwhile, a well-meaning and sincere student bites the dust. If such histoires can unfold in just one week, what will happen to the students if they dare to complete the course. Unfortunately now our SIMKathy does not have that option.