1. Steve Wheeler invited me to deliver one of the keynotes at Plymouth University's Enhanced Learning Conference, PELeCON. It is an honour and a responsibility to take on such an important role in a conference and I felt it important to ensure that I should aim to deliver a keynote that would be relevant and engaging. Let's not forget that the delegates pay in time and money to attend, and we have a real responsibility to provide some kind of value and return on their investment.
  2. As I'd attended the conference in 2010 and 2011 I was familiar with the venue and that I would be speaking in the large theatre style auditorium. With its huge stage and screen, performance quality sound system I had the opportunity to explore ways in which I could move beyond the usual 'bloke standing infront of some slides' keynote session. 

    In February @philipbelcher, our multimedia developer, and @alexcmoss, our student placement, worked with me to make a spoof movie trailer for the keynote to begin to create interest in the session and the #pelc12 hashtag 
  3. The Keynote. A Man on the Edge
  4. Over the following months we continued to plan and develop exciting and disturbing images and animations. The session began with The Big Eye and the song The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum by Fun Boy 3.
  5. Next came the video which had as its core message 'Nuthin's changed'. Perhaps a lil' harsh, but served as a useful prompt for the rest of the keynote.
  6. Another Brick in the Simfin_1.mp4
  7. Here's the entire keynote
  8. Something Better Change - The Keynote
  9. Arguably the most impressive element of the conference was Oliver Quinlan's ability to produce clear and insightful summaries of each of the speakers, and publish these in real time
  10. Did I mention there were badges?
  11. and balls..