Making to Manufacturing

This panel at SX Create was all about turning Maker Pros into successful manufacturer of profitable products.


  1. **CORRECTION** All instances of @digikey should read @digidotcom, with all apologies from the editorial staff

    The panelists were a diverse group of experts:

    Peter Vancorenland, VP of IoT solutions at Silicon Labs
    Peter Li, CEO of Atlas Wearables,
    Marc Boudria, Lead Solutions Engineer of Chaotic Moon Studios
    Nathan Siedle, CEO of SparkFun
    Rob Faludi, Chief Innovator of Digi International

  2. We had a couple of remarks from the panelists before the first question even went up.

  3. FIRST QUESTION: What are the top three technological developments in the last few years that have enabled the Makers-Pro?

  4. QUESTION 2: How important is open-source/open-hardware in the development and manufacturing of products?