Sign2sing 2017!

#sign2sing is an annual event, organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth, which helps improve deaf awareness and raises funds to support our services.


  1. Last week over 100,000 people in schools, universities, offices (and homes!) across the UK took part in #sign2sing, all to raise money for @SignHealth. Below is a snippet of what's been going on...
  2. Before Sign2sing

  3. Our #sign2sing ambassador @PaulPibworth was in Bedford Today (@BedfordTC) promoting sign2sing week!
  4. To kick off sign2sing 2017 we asked some friends to help us learn the signs to 'Together'. Starting with actress @RachelShenton...
  5. ...and news presenter @JennieBond1!
  6. This year's fantastic sign2sing song was written by Pippa and @TomGearing from Bottle Top Music. So, we got Tom involved!
  7. Early coverage in the Lowestoft Journal (@lowjournal) of Warren School and Grove School's joint #sign2sing event.

  8. 2nd and 3rd February

  9. St George's Catholic School (@stgeorgesrc) in Worcester kicked off sign2sing early with some great signing!
  10. ...and Highwood Primary School in Bushey!

  11. Monday 6th February - Day 1

  12. Kicking of sign2sing week in style...Farnsfield Primary (@FStMichaels) in Nottinghamshire.
  13. Finton House School (@fintonhousesch) held a joint event with Oaklodge School for the Deaf (@oakloadgeschool) in Balham. Fantastic to see schools collaborating!