Scenes From Today's Supreme Court Rally Against Money In Politics

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  1. Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments in McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission - the case where a coal executive is suing the government to scrap campaign contribution limits. If he wins, it will open the door for even more money in our political system. But an unprecedented coalition of grassroots activists, including the Sierra Club, was at the Court to say enough is enough.
  2. First, check out this blog from Sierra Club's Executive Director Michael Brune on why money in politics--and the McCutcheon case in particular--are part of the reason Washington is at a stand still.
  3. And here is more from the rally at the Supreme Court.
  4. A rally outside the Supreme Court this morning, organized by People for the American Way and U.S. PIRG, brought together the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Communications Workers of America, DEMOS, Common Cause,, Main Street Alliance, Young People For, Public Campaign, Represent. Us, Center for Community Change, Free Speech For People, Young Elected Officials Network, Alliance for a Just Society, Coffee Party, Corporate Accountability International, Food & Water Watch, MoveOn, the Democracy Initiative, and many others.
  5. Photo below courtesy of Jay Mallin
  6. Supreme Court McCutcheon Rally
  7. The Sierra Club's Democracy Initiative Allies:
  8. Communication Workers of America
  9. Supreme Court McCutcheon Rally
  10. Photo below courtesy of Jay Mallin
  11. Greenpeace
  12. Supreme Court McCutcheon Rally
  13. Supreme Court McCutcheon Rally
  14. Supreme Court McCutcheon Rally
  15. Speakers at the rally included Marge Baker of People for the American Way, Blair Bowie of U.S. PIRG, Craig Rice of Young Elected Officials Network, Matthew Segal of, Friends of the Earth,  Moral Monday protest leader Reverend William Barber, Mary Boyle of Common Cause, Representative Jim McGovern, Courtney Hight of the Sierra Club, Representative John Sarbanes, Phil Radford of Greenpeace, Larry Cohen of CWA, Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Ted Deutch, Liz Kennedy of DEMOS, and more!